My name is Luca Sessarego and I live in Italy in the small village of Sessarego, in the municipality of Bogliasco, in the province of Genoa, in the Liguria region, in the Republic of Italy. I am very interested in local history and I am a member of an association called "Centro Studi storie di Jeri", based in Bogliasco, which aims to carry out historical researches on traditions and history of our territory, also realizing periodically some publications on several arguments relating to local history; we have also written several books on the history of Sessarego and you can see a list of the books about "Sessarego" entering the section named BOOKS.

With this website I bring to all visitors the greetings of the entire community of Sessarego.

The village of Sessarego has a particularity that has always united its inhabitants: historically, from immemorial time until our days, most families who live here have "Sessarego" like surname; thanks to the uniqueness of this feature we can say that anyone who has "Sessarego" like surname, although currently he doesn't live here, he has certainly origins here in Sessarego.
From the beginning of the '900, however, some others surnames have begun to appear here in Sessarego; this is because in the last century the contacts with the surrounding areas have become gradually more frequent and easy beacause of the development of a lot of communication routes. As a consequence Sessarego came out from the isolation that for centuries had ensured the preservation of this particular peculiarity.

The village of Sessarego in XIX and XX Centuries was interested by a massive phenomenon of emigration, mainly to North America (Canada and United States) and South America (mainly Argentina, Chile and Peru, but also the other countries) and also to Australia; as a result we can see today in the areas previously cited a large distribution of the surname "Sessarego", and this allows us to identify in the people who carry this surname the direct descendants of the emigrants that in past centuries left our country to go away in search of better luck.

A particular to point out is that sometimes the surname "Sessarego" was transcribed incorrectly at the registration of the emigrants arrived at their destination in America or Australia, and therefore sometimes we can find the name "Sessarego" transcribed in several different ways, like "Sesarego", "Sessarago", or "Cessarego", just to name a few; and all these mistakes often remained in the surnames of those persons, who passed it to succeeding generations, creating variants still existing and distributed worldwide.

The reason that has convinced me to realize this site is to allow to all those people who live around the world (both in Italy and abroad) and that have their origins in the village of Sessarego, to know the place from which in past times their ancestors left, leaving here forever friends and relatives to start a new life elsewhere.

The objective that together with my collaborators I want to realize is to establish relationships with all the "Sessarego" around the world, awakening in them a sense of belonging to this community from which they descended and starting to plan some activities that may involve them.

The project which is in our intentions is this: in the year 2011 we will reunite all the “Sessarego” in the world here in the village of Sessarego and make a great gathering, a great festivity to meet all to remember and make know to all the “Sessarego” in the world that the little and pretty village of Sessarego is the place from which their ancestors left a lot of years ago.

It would be something extraordinary, a very beautiful initiative and an occasion of joy and happiness for the whole community of Sessarego, and also an opportunity for the descendants of the emigrants to visit and find out many interesting things about their place of origin.

I have to carry out the researches on the large number of people who are called "Sessarego" disseminated worldwide, and through a long and difficult search, I've found find a lot of people to communicate them our intentions. The problem is that the only ways that were possible to follow are the research via Internet and also the social network Facebook, which made it possible to find a good number of e-mail addresses belonging to people called "Sessarego", but I am convinced to have found only a small part of them, and I believe that the community of the "Sessarego" spread all over the world is bigger than we think.

I hope that all the people interested in our project will be so kind to cooperate with us communicating to us all the information that they have about other people called "Sessarego", if they know someone in their area, so to try to spread our project as much as possible.

It would be wonderful if later in time we could also realize a sort of "database" in which everyone could remember who was their ancestor who first left the village of Sessarego to settle elsewhere, and when did he depart, realizing perhaps a day a lot of different family trees; we believe that hundreds of people left Sessarego at different times during the past centuries.

We hope to continue our intentions with good results also and above all thanks to the important collaboration of all "Sessarego" in the world.

My best greetings

Luca Sessarego

Sessarego, February 1st 2010